Mattress Genie Incline Sleep System

Helps Reduce Acid Reflux Discomfort By Placing You In The Optimal Incline

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The Mattress Genie is an adjustable bed wedge solution that allows users to turn their mattress into an adjustable bed! You can use the Mattress Genie with any type of mattress or foundation for elevated sleeping support throughout the night. Set up is easy and can be fully installed and ready for use in a matter of minutes, with no heavy bases or tools to use. Simply slide the inflatable wedge underneath your mattress, and attach the air hose to the motor, and plug your motor into any wall socket, and your Genie is ready for use! To inflate the unit, simply click on the illuminated remote control, to inflate or deflate your Mattress Genie bed wedge. Made from reinforced canvas feel brushed vinyl, the Mattress Genie is constructed for durability and longevity. The Mattress Genie is an affordable alternative to adjustable beds at the fraction of the cost. Perfect for those looking for an elevated bed wedge solution for Acid Reflux, GERD, Cold&Flu, Snoring, Post Surgery Recovery, Nursing or Lower Back Pain support.

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